Start Spec. Grow Fast.
Start Spec means companies start now, grow fast and become whatever they are meant to be, all at Piedmont Center.

A lounge area with blue felt couches around a white coffee table. Paints on the wall depicting an abstract wetlands.
Outdoor courtyard with picnic tables. Sun shines through a purple overhang and glistens on a flat fountain.
Kitchen area with an island.
Outdoor stairwell with a mural depicting dandelions painted on the side.
Empty office space with white walls and brown floors. Overlooks green foliage.
A lush green courtyard with umbrellas, tables, and chairs.

With Start Spec, choose from a variety of flexible, move-in ready suites ranging from 2,200 to more than 7,000 square feet. Piedmont Center is a place that empowers both businesses and individuals to grow. And when you need more space, there are plenty of options right here on campus.

Start now. Explore availabilities.

Buildings 1-4 (The Commons)

Building 1
Suite 410
3,050 SF

Building 2
Suite 107
2,497 SF

Suite 318
2,360 SF

Building 4
Suite 710
7,063 SF

Buildings 5-8

Building 5
Suite 400
3,019 SF

Suite 435

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